Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Inspiration in Aisle 5

I hit the grocery store this Sunday on my own and took way too long to get everything and was, for some reason, scattered as all get out. So when the cashier mentioned that the chicken breasts were buy one, get TWO free and I could get another package, I went for it (What? Chicken is expensive, yo.)

I was a total dork and ran over to get the chicken and come back because the last thing I wanted to be was THAT person that holds up a line, then meanders all over the place before coming back, earning death glares in the process. No one was behind me at the time but I ran anyway. And as I ran, I realized something pretty shocking: I missed running.

Me. Missed running. This is huge. And so not what I expected to pick up at Harris Teeter that morning.

So I'm getting back to it -- quite delayed, as I have the "fun" known as Little Gym tonight so I'll be back to it tomorrow night. Why not Sunday night or yesterday, you ask? Or the last two months? Because I was busy and had stuff to do, of course.

But yes, tomorrow. Back on the treadmill FINALLY. Not signing up for a race anytime soon because have I mentioned that I hate training? But you never know, I might be willing to be talked into the Turkey Trot 10K come November.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green Thumb, Maybe? We'll See.

So I am not usually a get-out-there-and-get-sweaty girl. I'm more of a sit-in-the-AC-and-watch-other-people-work kind of person. But for some reason, I have always been weirdly obsessed with yard work. Not that I've done a lot of it, mind you, but when I do it sets off some sort of synaptic misfire in which I truly believe I can march into Lowe's, buy a bunch of gardening supplies, and do something with them. Successfully.

I think my interest goes back to being a kid and spending summers with my grandparents. My Pop Pop was an awesome gardener, y'all. He had a huge plot where he grew potatoes, cucumbers, squash, and ... tomatoes. OMG, the tomatoes. They were so good, and to pick one off of the vine and eat it in the warm sunny backyard was summer for me. When I think about my Pop Pop (he passed away in 2001) I always think about those tomatoes and his garden - and I think he would be thrilled that I thought about them. He loved working hard and having something to show for it (he was a carpenter. I like to think he and Jesus are having a grand old time up in Heaven).

*Sniff* Anyway. Gardening.

It all started this weekend when we cleaned up the front yard and I got the notion that if I was good at raking pine needles and leaves, surely I could plant some things and grow some of my own veggies and herbs, right? Then I would really be eating local, har har. Yeah, it was that bad.

I'm Googling "container gardening" and considering what I want to plant. I can't really consider an in-the-ground garden right now because we have loads of deer and if I put in a ton of work into a garden just to have freeloading deer come and eat everything ... oh hell no, Bambis. Grow your own delicious local produce!

(And yes, I know there are deer-preventing things you can do. I'll research them but right now I'm sacrificing logic for sarcasm. Shocking, I know.)

So yeah, another plan in place - I've heard container gardening is relatively easy so hopefully I'll have something to show for my efforts. I can feel my thumb turning green already!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Same Old, Same Old

Still working away on this cleanse thing. Lost another pound last week for a total of 8.5 in three weeks. Not bad for my slow-losing self! 31.5 pounds to go ...

Can we talk for a quick minute about The Biggest Loser this season? I was so inspired last season by Shay and Abby and their respective stories, and this season ... meh. It's still incredible to see everyone shed the weight so quickly, but I'm not super into it this season. Methinks they're just airing seasons too close together. Then I caught a TLC special on season 3's winner Eric, the one who gained most of his weight back and is now trying to lose it again. I would have felt sorry for his gains if I wasn't more concerned about his narcissistic need to be on TV all the time. Guy's got bigger problems than an addiction to fast food.

Otherwise, it's just the same old routine for us as we head into Spring, although this is the busy season. My head is already spinning with all of the projects I need to complete by end of Q2 and the Q hasn't even started yet! The husband is also frantic as he hurries to complete the school yearbook by the end of the month. Right as he gets to breathe a sigh of relief, I start traveling in April and May. Good times!

But yes, it's the same old routine ... I really need to think of how to make our busy lives a little more fun/interesting as it warms up outside. We can't save *all* of the fun for summer. Perhaps an Awesome Spring Plan? If I have time, that is.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

As the Cleanse Turns ...

So the first two weeks of this cleanse thing have gone well!

Although I have had white carbs. And Swedish Fish. And cake. Just not all the time.

And I'm down 7.5 pounds in two weeks so I can't be screwing up too badly ... yet. But, and this is what is bugging me, I haven't really started getting active again. I really need to get me arse on my treadmill. I finally seem to be coming out of my winter funk (thank goodness warmer weather is here), now I just need to DO IT.

One thing I have done, bittersweetly, is cancel my Weight Watchers online account. It was great for helping me lose my pregnancy weight and then some, but I've stalled so much and I haven't been using it and by now, I know what portions to eat. I know when I've eaten too much. It's not about awareness for me anymore; it's about something emotional for me that an online tracker just can't address. I did have good progress with it though and do recommend it for those who need a good place to start for their weight loss.

I've also taken some other steps to help with some other things that have been holding me back ... not sure whether I want to open up about that yet or not. I feel like it's too early right now.

But yes, good progress so far! Let's see ... about 8 months until the bridesmaid dress.32.5 pounds to go.